How To Muscle Up The Healthy Way

I featured on this blog post from Nutrifix. The post is all about how to build muscle the healthy way.

How To Muscle Up The Healthy Way | Ryan Carter | My Healthy

Go from skinny to super strong the clever way like Ryan Carter, AKA one of the nerdiest nutritionists on Instagram.

Putting on muscle isn’t easy, but it isn’t always healthy either. It’s a given that doing things to the extreme is rarely a good thing, and steroids are only an option if you’re ok with mood swings and shrunken private parts (which no one ever should be!)

Ryan Carter – king of meal prep, abstainer from protein shakes and slave to absolutely no fads – gained almost 50kg in six years in a safe, scientific and sustainable way. Which basically means eating real food. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, sort of…

Beware some pretty geeky tips coming up! We can all learn something from this sports nutritionist (and therapist to-be), who put on the pounds without making protein supplements a regular feature on the menu. Just avocado cacao brownies – scroll down for more on those!

And now you won’t have to read all the textbooks yourself.

My Healthy Food Confessions

When I want some comfort food, I eat at… Blacklock in Soho. They never disappoint when I’m on the hunt for a quality steak. Plus Mondays are half price!

After the gym, I eat… real food rather than a shake as 90% of them are full of garbage. Plus, it’s a myth that you need to consume food immediately after training. In fact, waiting until an hour after is better, and gives me time to cook or prep something good for me!

Something like wild salmon with avocado and some veg, or turkey, sweet potato and veg, are standard choices for me.

If I’m caught out on the go, I’ll head to Farmstand in Covent Garden, who make food I can trust. But I’m completely flexible and can adapt to any menu.

When it’s 2am, I eat… nothing! You won’t catch me out of bed at that time. And if I was awake, I wouldn’t be eating because I try to keep a circadian fasting window (which means eating nothing for at least 12 hours).

We are now bombarded by the media telling us to eat protein every three hours or have six meals a day… But circadian fasting is nothing new and not a fad: Humans have been doing it for hundreds of years!

When I want to detox, I eat… definitely not a detox juice or smoothie.


Nutrifix’s Quick Fire Questions

The most surprising things in my fridge is… lamb’s hearts! I am a big fan of offal.

The ingredient I couldn’t live without is… avocado. It contains the whole spectrum of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) as well as lots of great micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

My inspiration is… everyone in my close circle of friends who inspire me every day. The
people you surround yourself with is very important – energy is contagious!

The first thing I do in the morning is… spend a few minutes thinking of what I feel grateful for.

One hour ago you would have found me… in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Mayfair, breathing in 15-19% more oxygen than we are doing now. It’s one of the biohacks I do.

I treat myself by… eating dark chocolate or buying a prime cut from the butchers instead of the cheaper option.

If I were to sum up my fitness journey in 3 words they would be… “make it happen.”

One thing everyone should try is… meditation. It really is powerful stuff but there are so many different varieties out there and you’ll have to find what works for you. My favourite is Gong, give it a go!



The last meal I took a sneaky snap of was… an avocado cacao brownie.

ryan carter

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