Cheesy chorizo egg cups {Paleo , Low carb, Keto}

These low carb paleo egg muffins are currently a staple for my breakfasts. You can meal prep the night before or whip them up under 30 minutes in the morning. These nutrient rich keto fat bombs are high in protein from the chorizo but salty and gooey from the parmesan cheese mixed in.

Eggs are probably the best breakfast option going. They are also extremely versatile and packed full of nutrients. Having a repertoire of ways to cook eggs is a lifesaver enabling you not to cook the same style over and over. Currently, this is my go to egg muffin combo. Although, I have many more up my sleeve for you in the future.

Egg muffins are a favourite of mine. Either preparing them the night before or when I have 30 minutes in the morning to prepare something quick. The ingredients used are also staples in my fridge which makes life easy too. The great thing about cooking this recipe is that when they are in the oven, you have 20 minutes to do whatever you want whilst you wait. This frees up time to take a shower, do the dishes, take the dog round the block or do your make up!

I used duck eggs in this recipe for a change. I am a great fan of rotating protein sources and eggs are no different. Duck eggs are more nutrient dense in fat soluble vitamins and minerals such as selenium and zinc and also omega 3 essential fatty acids.

All it takes is 5 ingredients to recreate these egg muffins. These pack a punch with flavour with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, smoky chorizo, and gooey parmesan.

I used a stainless steel muffin tray which never fails me on making these. I do sometimes use a silicone version but my preference is always stainless steel unless I know there is a risk of it being stuck.

Egg muffins are super easy to make. You literally turn oven on, lightly grease a muffin tray, whip eggs, add your prepared ingredients mix together, place in oven and hey presto, 20 minutes later.

I am still getting use to this food blogging vibe, so my pictures and my writing skills will continue to grow and flourish with the more recipes I create on here!

if you have any feedback and suggestions please leave a comment!

Cheesy chorizo egg cups {Paleo , Low carb, Keto}

One of my go to low carb breakfasts are these easy flavour bomb egg muffins. These nutrient loaded keto fat bombs full of flavour which are super quick to create.

Author: Ryan
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes
Course: Breakfast/brunch
Servings: 1​
3 pasture raised duck eggs
30 grams parmesan cheese – finely grated
30 grams highest quality chorizo – diced into 0.5cm cubes
few fresh basil leaves – roughly torn
1 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes – oil drained – roughly chopped
coconut oil or ghee to grease tray
seasoned with celtic sea salt to taste
  • Preheat the oven to 200c
  • Lightly grease the muffin tray with coconut oil or ghee.
  • In a glass bowl, crack the eggs and whisk for 1 minute.
  • Add the remaining ingredients as instructed above.
  • Give all the ingredients a mix so they are evenly distributed in the the egg mixture.
  • Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into the muffin holes.
  • Transfer the muffin tray to the oven to cook for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, the egg muffins should be cooked and will be fluffy and resemble Yorkshire puddings with a chef hat like top.
  • Remove from oven, allow to cool for a minute or two before transferring to a plate or a container.

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Oven tray


Coconut oil
Nutritional Information (Per Serving):
Calories: 468 Protein: 43.2g Carbs: 11.3g Fiber: 0.5g Sugar: 4.5g Fat: 48g Saturated Fat: 16.7g Polyunsaturated: 4g Monounsaturated: 21g Omega 3: 0.3g Cholesterol: 1000mg Calcium: 392mg Copper: 0.2mg Iron: 8.9mg Magnesium: 51mg Potassium: 639mg Selenium: 93mg Sodium: 949mg Zinc:5mg Vitamin A: 1707iu Vitamin B1: 0.5mg Vitamin B2: 1mg Vitamin B3: 2mg Vitamin B5: 4.4mg Vitamin B6: 0.7mg Vitamin B9 / Folate: 170úg Vitamin B12: 12.4úg Choline: 586mg Vitamin C: 1.8mg Vitamin E: 3mg Vitamin D: 169.5iu Vitamin K: 1.8ūg

One-pan surf and turf with shrimp, bacon and asparagus

This easy paleo style 15-minute recipe makes healthy food so simple. High in protein and nutrient density with only 5 ingredients.

I have switched things up with the typical ‘surf and turf’ which does not need to be lobster and filet steak. I have used tiger prawns/shrimp and pasture-raised / free-range bacon as the combo. Vegetables featured are asparagus and tomatoes which are both in season which compliment the saltiness bacon and the sweet shrimp.

I used just one pan, a cast-iron skillet to create this simple low carb lunch or dinner. This makes cooking and cleaning up easy. Let’s face it, who wants to be washing up in the late hours? Not me, that’s why I tend to use fewer ingredients as possible. The recipe serves just one but can easily be multiplied or quadrupled etc.

Keeping things easy and simplified in the kitchen will make your life easy with cooking. The same thing goes for nutrition and calories too. When you make real food the only ingredient, eat seasonally, be mindful you do not need to overthink or waste time counting your calories in broccoli, meat, fish or carbs. The only issue would be if your consuming nuts inappropriately which we know shelled, ready to eat nuts are impossible to eat in nature as they have a shell!

The recipe calls for only 5 ingredients. I used defrosted frozen tiger prawns as they are cheaper than fresh prawns. The only issue would the slightly lost essential fatty acids, omega 3s, DHA and EPA but this is a minimal sacrifice. But, makes up for it as prawns are a high source vitamin B12, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium and much more. The asparagus and tomatoes were from my local farmers market which is probably the best way to source vegetables unless you have a vegetable patch. The sooner a plant is picked the more nutrients, in general, will be retained. Food processing such as storing, transport and being on the shelf do reduce the nutrient profile. The bacon is from my local butcher Ginger Pig, which sells pasture-raised / free-range pork. I always go for streaky bacon for me back bacon is like low-fat milk or yoghurt. It lacks flavour and fattiness which I am most definitely not scared of!

Start to Finish: 15 minutes

Serves: 1


200 grams medium-sized raw tiger prawns/shrimp – deveined

150 grams/handful of asparagus spears – the thick bottom spear removed

3 rashers of streaky pasture-raised bacon

200 grams/handful of cherry tomatoes – I used yellow and red

1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil



In a medium-sized pan of choice, I used a cast-iron skillet. Preheat on medium heat.

Add the extra virgin olive oil to the pan.

Add the tomatoes to the pan. These will cook throughout the method. Allow to blister slightly and if burning, remove but will be fine.

Next, whilst tomatoes are cooking. Prepare the asparagus wrapped in bacon. Putting 2-3 spears together. Starting from the bottom up, tightly loop the bacon around the asparagus so it loops around and reaches near the tip of spears.

Add the asparagus to the pan. Cook for 5 minutes until all the bacon is lightly crisp and the asparagus is a vibrant green.

Finally, make space for the prawns. Push out the vegetables then add the prawns into the vacant space.

Cook the shrimp for 2-3 minutes per side until they turn pink and slightly golden.

Plate up or serve on the pan.

Season with sea salt, squeeze of lemon or lime juice and a few fresh basil leaves over the tomatoes.

Nutritional Information (Per Serving): Calories: 468 Protein: 59.4g Carbs: 8g Fiber: 3.3g Sugar: 4.5g Fat: 23g Saturated Fat: 7g Polyunsaturated: 1g Monounsaturated: 5g Cholesterol: 378mg Calcium: 174mg Copper: 1mg Iron: 3.5mg Magnesium: 103mg Sodium: 949mg Potassium: 957mg Selenium: 91mg Zinc:4mg Vitamin A: 1689 Vitamin B1: 0.2mg Vitamin B2: 0.2mg Vitamin B3 6.4mg Vitamin B5: 1.3mg Vitamin B6: 0.6mg Vitamin B9 / Folate: 111úg Vitamin B12: 3úg Choline: 267mg Vitamin C: 19.3mg Vitamin E: 3.4mg Vitamin K: 53.8ūg