After many requests and questions on my daily habits or things I do, wear, cook with or use. I set up this page to direct you to some of my favourite products. I use these on a daily basis and all of these products reflect my value to living an optimal life. I believe that these will also be of value to you too.

Currently, I am affiliating and in partnership with these brands which allows you to receive a discounted price off their products. Please use the links where necessary. If any code isn’t working please drop me an email.

RA Optics

This is by far my favourite tool for optimal health. I use both the day and night pairs in order to block out artificial junk light especially at night or from modern technology. Ra Optics products have been extensively researched by the founder and scientifically designed to create the best and most stylish blue blocking glasses on the market.

Ra optics offer complete melatonin protection by not only blocking the blue light spectrum but the green which other companies do not. Melatonin is our most potent endogenous antioxidant for our mitochondria.

In my opinion, blue-blocking glasses are a foundational tool protecting you living in the modern day with continuous exposure to artificial and distorted light spectrum frequencies. There are a number of design styles which provide class and sophistication. I currently wear the Wallace mainly and Thutmose which is the wraparound model at night whilst reading or working.

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I have been using the Oura ring for 3 years now since they first launched and been extremely impressed with it. In my opinion its the smartest trackable device on the market with minimal invasion to your personal space and life with the least hassle and time to set up and use daily.

The stylish ring which allows you to quantify and track your sleep all from your finger. It allows you to discover how you slept in different sleep stages and even how well with a configured rating score from the vast biomarkers it tracks with such as heart rate variability, resting heart rate, body temperature. All this information is easily synced via their app by Bluetooth and with the luxury of no NNEMF emitted with the benefit of an airplane mode feature. This allows you to self-hack and optimize your sleep and recovery daily with trying various methods or tricks to improve upon aiding superior performance in the gym or work.

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My favourite protein powder which uses European pea protein and minimal ingredients. A complete and full spectrum amino acid profile just like whey protein with 20 grams of protein per serving. I often use their vanilla flavour and add heaps of polyphenol dense frozen berries, coconut milk, nuts and seeds to make a thick smoothie bowl which you often see on my Instagram stories.

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These are another company which supplies quality blue blocking glasses.

They have a multiple of styles and ranges. Their customer service is amazing and available worldwide.

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Red light rising

I use their full stack once daily usually first thing in the morning for 15 minutes for my daily fix of photobiomodulation. Red light therapy is a powerful tool which utilises near infrared and red light spectrum which is scientifically backed by hundreds of studies to benefit our bodies. There are many associated health benefits such as improving skin tone and wrinkles, increase wound healing, improve mitochondria function, improve sleep and increase collagen production and testosterone too.

Prices start at £79 (target) – £395 (Half) – £695 (Full)

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Earth runners

These are my ‘jesus’ like, minimalist sandals which I wear 95% of the time. They are beyond comfortable in addition to connecting and grounding me to mother nature, unlike insulated modern rubber shoes. Grounding is like barefoot walking in nature is scientifically proven to reduce stress and shift your nervous system to a parasympathetic state, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, improve your immune function by the naural electromagnetic field of the Earth. I have been wearing these fsandals for over 2 years. I own 3 pairs with my favourite being circadian lifestyle.The shoe is made from a Vibram sole but designed with a copper grounding plug connecting you to the Earths charge, which is then connected to the conductive stainless steel laces wrapped around your skin on foot and energy is transferred to you. The shoes are easy to travel with, light and extremely durable. I wear them in the summer and winter to get some extra cold thermogenesis exposure.

Prices from $69-$89

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Enrichd superfoods

This brand is from the Uk and stocks my favourite medicinal mushrooms with dual extraction methods providing phenomenal quality. The owner of the Enrichd is my friend Rich who is an awesome human being. Rich passion for bringing the best quality products is immense and shows in his quality and range of products. The mushroom powders are amazing and my favourite in particular Lions mane. They also stock vegan protein, herbal tea blends, greens powders and amazing cacao. Enrichd directly sources these items around the world from local sustainable producers

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Four sigmatic

Medicinal mushrooms, coffee, teas and more. This company is available worldwide and has a broad range of nutrient-dense tasty drinkables. I am a big fan of medicinal mushroom in my decaf coffee and use it most days. They have ready made coffee and mushroom blends which make them extremely convenient and portable whilst travelling. Four signmatic are well known for their consistent quality and leaders in innovating products.

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Biohacker’s handbook

This book covers everything you need to know and learn about biohacking.

Biohacking is all about optimizing human performance, health and well-being by utilizing science, technology and a deep understanding of human physiology and nutrition.’

The book took 5 years in the making to create 540+ pages which are supported by 1500+ scientific studies. The book is also available as an ebook.

The biohacking handbook is easy to follow, quality made and with valuable information on every page to enhance and optimise your lifestyle.

I advise all my clients to purchase this book as its so helpful with day to day tips and unbelievable investment to upgrade the fundamentals of a balanced life.

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Love life supplements

This company stocks some of the best-formulated supplements in the UK. I personally use their collagen powder in smoothies, krill oil capsules with my last meal of the day and magnesium in the evening an hour before bed.

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