Hello, I am Ryan Carter , the creator of Live Vitae.

After my own personal battle with an eating disorder and exercise addiction in 2012, as well as my experiences overcoming environmental toxin exposure from mould, mercury and the use of antibiotics whilst growing up. I found myself looking deeper into understanding the root causes of the physical and mental concerns that were impacting my body and mind. This way I was able to find alternative solutions for my problems and target areas of my dietary, lifestyle and mentality which needed to change in order to positively develop myself to where I am now and heading towards.

This experience catalysed my vision to put my mind, body and soul into creating LiveVitae, in 2016, a lifestyle concept which enabled me to change my life and build a platform to help others for the better from my experience and knowledge I gathered on my journey.

Now, I am a healthy positive minded person who has not only accomplished the changes required to be a better human each day, but have also continued my journey further. I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer, certified health coach and completing my final year as a certified nutritional therapist with DipION BANT CNHC.

My education and learning never stops. I have personally worked with top coaches and trainers on my journey of self-development. Learning from the leaders in the field with first-hand experience as an invaluable method of education. Participating in extracurricular seminars and courses  gaining further knowledge and insight in the industry to aid me and the continual growth of Live VItae

My work behind the scenes has lead me to work with international brand names in ambassador roles,  creating recipes and publish articles which have been featured in publications such as Mens Health and work one-to-one with elite performance athletes around the world.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you whilst continuing to learn and strengthen my knowledge to maintain a positive happy body mind and soul.